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No short cuts:

At our Gym, there are no short cuts. There is the best way to build strength into the body and there is the best to sculpt the body that you will be proud to flaunt but there is no easy way to that place. We are serious about people making their mark here only if they are serious about giving most of themselves.

You will fall in love with this, we bet:

The trainees who come to us may be fraught with doubts and half baked knowledge but with continuous tutelage and motivation, we can see great transformation in them. The winning idea for us is not to help them attain the body that they like to but to instill in them the love for strength training. Because no sooner than we have accomplished this task, we can be sure that there is no way that this person is going to be de-motivated even of the progress is dead slow. That is the secret of passionate following of the heart. The heart knows no limits; it only knows its goals.

Supplements and steroids can be taken only after thorough checks:

We are dead against any food supplements that contain steroids but incase the case requires that the person may need to be administered to recommended in order to start the initiation or come over a physical block then we allow them to administer themselves but only with a complete medical examination and total caution to not over do it.

There is something called realism:

The stuff that advertisements are made up of is different from reality. The ads that promise you to bulk up with 20 pounds of muscles in less than two months have to be exaggeration. Because one cannot possibly bulk up so quickly and in a rare case if it happens then 80 percent of it will water that these steroids help the body retain and thus help increase the weight. We would sincerely plead with everyone to not get carried away with such hyperbole advertisements and start looking at their goals in a realistic way!